Lusea Warner-Gale

Lusea, is a contemporary landscape artist living and working on the West Dorset coast.


Lusea’s paintings are often painted on a background of sculpted canvas; which aims to capture the raw, elemental voice of the sea and landscape.

Her recognisable style displays a sense of joy, with the use of enticing colour pallets. The paintings act as windows for our domestic, social and working environments to help maintain a daily connection and focus with the land, the sea and the liminal space betwixt the two.

She uses large brush strokes to convey the momentum and tension within the landscape. Her work is centred on colour and tactility.


"I aim to produce pared down form, constantly stripping back layers to reveal it's simplest structure. Too much detail is decorative.

My techniques and style have grown and developed over the years. However, I have always strived to create something beautiful. My paintings are sensory delights, which are tactile, stylish and uplifting for my customers homes.”


Working with colour is extremely important to Lusea, as is understanding the variety of hues and colours she sees in a landscape.


“Certain colours completely lift my mood and can dramatically change the feeling of a room. The softer colour pallets can create a serene and restful space, or the more colourful paintings can spark a sense of joy, excitement and youth into an interior. “

Lusea’s career started as a professional artist started after she graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Her lively, upbeat personality shone through her paintings of the Dorset and Cornish coastlines. Her work was spotted by a prestigious international gallery, which led her to exhibit in galleries in London, Paris, New York, Cyprus and Cape Town. She quickly became established with notable collectors and interior designers sourcing her work.